First Time Acne Consultation

During your first Acne Consultation, we will determine your skin type, acne type, and skin tolerance to create a customized product plan and acne treatment to get clear skin. We’ll also go over aggravating factors that make you break out – foods, medications, cosmetics, stress, etc. Your first appointment includes an acne treatment with extractions. We will design routine for your specific skincare needs.

*Products are not included in the cost of the treatment. Approximately $200 for the first set of acne products at first appointment. We do not offer treatments or extractions to clients that do not use our home care products.

Ongoing Acne Treatment

Our products and skincare routine will work wonders. We REQUIRE additional treatments every 2-3 weeks, untill skin is clear of acne. This process usaly takes 3months Once your skin has cleared up, we suggest scheduling an appointment every 6 weeks. Want to hear what our clients have to say? Visit our Yelp, Facebook, or Google pages for client reviews or read some of our Client Success Stories.

Everyone’s Skin is Different