It can be hard to know what to do to keep healthy, radiant skin when you live an active lifestyle. At Austin Skin Plus we get many questions like, “When should I do my morning skincare routine – before or after I workout?” “What if I’m not working out until lunchtime – should I still do my morning skincare routine, and then repeat it again at noon when I rinse off after my workout?” “If I go for a hike or bike ride, and don’t have access to all my products and a sink afterwards, what should I do about keeping my skin acne-free and clean?” 

Here is our list of top 5 tips for keeping your skin healthy if you live an active lifestyle. Let’s be honest, you don’t always have access to your products, and you don’t want to do your entire skincare routine 4 times a day. So, what do you do?!

5 Tips on Keeping Your Skin Healthy for the Active Person:

Tip #1:

For those who workout in the morning, let’s say before 11:00am, do your skincare routine after you workout. But, before you leave the house to workout be sure to put on SPF. There is no need to wash your face before you workout, since your face is clean from washing it the night before, and plus all your products have soaked in to your skin by morning. Then, when you’re done working out whether you get ready for the day at home, the gym, the car, or wherever, complete your morning skincare routine at this time – wash, toner, serum, moisturizer, and SPF

Tip #2:

Always, always put on SPF every morning, even if you are leaving the house for a short bit, and coming back to get ready for the day. It is important to always protect your skin from UV rays. If you plan on being outside later in the day, let’s say for a hike, walk, or bike ride, reapply SPF. A good rule of thumb is you can never over do it with the SPF, especially if you are using a retinol at night.

Tip #3:

For those who workout during lunch or the afternoon, or if you are just active later in the day, do a quick wash or wipe of your face and apply SPF after your activity. Since you already applied all your products in the morning there is no need to reapply any of your morning products except SPF. Also, there is no need to completely wash your face in the afternoon since you already washed it in the morning, and you will be washing your face again at night.

Just a quick wipe with either our Clear Away quick-wash or our Alpine Zone Wipes will do the trick. Both of these products are mostly made of micellar water which will not only help wipe away all the dirt, sweat, and grime, but will keep your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Micellar water helps clear your skin of excess oil, while keeping it hydrated. Then follow with your SPF. Note: In some severe acne cases, we suggest repeating your morning skincare routine if your products are sweated or washed off during the day. 

Tip #4:

Be sure to do your skincare routine EVERY morning and night, especially Vitamin C serum and moisturizer. If you’re outside a lot, a Vitamin C serum will help protect and prevent further sun damage and environmental pollutants from harming your skin. Also, if you are active, you are likely sweating more, which is great for detoxing your body, but you need to replenish with water and apply moisturizer morning and night. You may not realize how dehydrated your skin is from being active.

Tip #5:

When your active and sweating, don’t use your hands to wipe sweat off your face. The bacteria or lotion on your hands can irritate your skin causing a breakout. Carry a clean towel with you to wipe the sweat off your face when you’re active. 

Living an active lifestyle style is great for your health! We don’t want your skincare routine and fear of a breakout or sun damage to keep you from living and being active. Just remember to wear SPF and carry in your bag, backpack, or purse face wipes and a clean towel. Stay hydrated this summer and drink lots of water!

Carly @ Austin Skin Plus