Acne is a skin condition that occurs when the pore gets  plugged with oil and dead skin cells. While acne is most common among teenagers, it can occur at any age.   It usually appears on the face; including the forehead, cheeks/jawline, and chin. It can also occur on the back, shoulders, and chest areas.

Types of Acne

Acne is a broad term that has 3 distinct types.  Signs and symptoms of acne can vary depending on how severe it is, however, the key is to first determine which type of acne you have.

Type I:  Non-Inflamed Acne

Most people with non-inflamed acne have very few pimples.  Characteristics are usually blackheads and generally have 5 or less of them on each side of the face.

Type II:  Inflamed Acne

People that have this type of acne have more inflamed lesions characterized by redness and skin sensitivity.  They have more pimples and pustules present and in some cases, may have cystic acne.

Type III: Combination Acne (Inflamed and Non-Inflamed)

This is a combination of the Type I and Type II acne.  Typically, blackheads under the skin can become inflamed and then turn into inflamed lesions.

As you can see based on the different types, it can affect everyone differently.   If left untreated, acne can leave permanent scars, so it’s best to begin treatment right away!

You Need A Coachwho is your skin coach?

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