There is no doubt our lifestyle choices impact our skin health, especially our diets. The good news is, there are always healthy alternatives that will curve cravings as well as nourish our skin. Here is a list of healthy food substitutes that are tasty, and great for our skin and bodies:

  • Uniodized sea salt, unionized sea salt, Celtic salt, to avoid iodides
  • Nut milks, rice milk, coconut milk instead of dairy milk
  • Nut cheese ( we like Siete’s dairy free queso) instead of dairy cheese
  • Pea protein, egg white powder, and hemp as alternatives to soy and whey protein (be sure to always check for iodides and biotin before purchasing)
  • Almond butter or other nut/seed butters instead of peanut butter
  • Olive oil and coconut oil instead of canola, peanut, and corn oils

A Glycemic Diet is Skin Friendlyhealthy foods

Embracing a low glycemic diet can be difficult, especially as you first begin making changes. But a low GI diet can still be delicious! Here is a day of delicious meals that are low in carbohydrates, satisfying, and won’t upset your skin:

If you didn’t know any better, you would probably have no clue these meals are low GI and skin friendly! Taking the plunge into better eating habits doesn’t have to be painful, it can be fun! It will give you an excuse to learn new recipes and have fun in the kitchen, all while supporting your health!

Diet is just one aspect of how to help your skin.  Austin Skin+ can help you with a strategic plan of attack to get rid of that stubborn acne… once and for all!  We will stand alongside you and work with you to find a routine that works for you.

Carly @ Austin Skin+