Microchimerism may sound like an unfamiliar term, but there’s a possibility that your body is more familiar with it than you know. So, what is Microchimerism anyway? Most commonly, it is the presence of male DNA in a woman’s body from a past pregnancy. The fetal DNA migrates through the placenta and implants itself into maternal tissue including bone marrow, the spleen, liver, and even the brain, traversing the blood brain barrier. The full impact of these foreign cells has yet to be discovered in its entirety, but there have been some correlations made between these cells and acne.

Autoimmune-like Response

pregnancy and acneMore recent studies have revealed that Michrochemerism can cause an ‘autoimmune-like’ response in the body; which can increase the presence of inflammatory markers such as Interleukin-17.  This protein carries a signaling agent for an inflammatory response to occur.  Elevated levels of this inflammatory marker can potentially contribute to acne for those who are postpartum.

Most postpartum acne is typically deemed hormonal, but there are clearly more factors at play within our bodies during that time. A misunderstanding of what is causing our acne can make treatment difficult and even render certain methods ineffective.

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