Do you remember this amazing before and after picture we posted on Instagram and Facebook a couple weeks ago?! We had many people reach out asking about this client’s routine and what she did to get clear. This teenager’s story started with many frustrating attempts to clear her acne with antibiotics, Minocycline, benzoyl peroxide and adapalene products. It seemed like nothing worked, or if something seemed like it worked the results would not last long and her acne would be right back to where she started. In another attempt to help her daughter clear her acne, this client’s mother bought our Skin+ Acne Kit online. Her daughter followed the routine with the Skin+ products that were provided in the kit, and was encouraged by the results. Her mother decided to book an appointment to start her daughter in our Skin+ Method program. Since she lives locally in Austin, she was able to book an appointment to come in and see one of our skin coaches. With her first appointment at Austin Skin Plus, our coach did a full assessment of her skin and determined she had severe genetic combination acne. To learn more about genetic acne, head on over to our blog on acne.

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3 Kinds of Acne

  1. Inflamed acne is papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts with significant redness, swelling, and pus.
  2. Non-inflamed acne is mainly blackheads and whiteheads, and is less noticeable than inflamed.
  3. Combination acne is where both inflamed and non-inflamed acne is present on areas of the face such as redness, swelling and pustules with blackheads and whiteheads present.

All 3 types of acne can be mild, moderate, or severe cases. Mild acne is 10 or less lesions, moderate is between 10 to 30 lesions, and severe is more than 30 lesions (nearly impossible to count).

Our Client’s Treatment Process

Once our client’s skin was assessed, our Skin Coach did a full consultation to gain a better understanding of outside factors that could be contributing to her acne flare-ups. Our consultation took a deep dive into the diet, medication, exercise habits, daily routine, and stress level of the client. The two key factors that stood out during the consultation was the client’s diet and the pore-clogging makeup she was using on her face. (Try our acne-safe Carly Pilar makeup line.) The final step in the consultation was to do an acne treatment, extractions and then create her personalized in-clinic and at-home plan. Her personalized plan included in-clinic treatments every 2 weeks, a morning and nightly routine of our products, diet restrictions (no dairy and limit sugar), and adding omega-3 (anti-inflammatory properties), a probiotic (improve gut health from taking antibiotics), and zinc (anti-inflammatory properties) supplements to boost her skin and further improve her results. Finally, we were adamant about her icing her pimples at home to reduce the inflammation and redness. Check out other tips on dealing with a breakout in Fab Fit Fun’s article on How to Deal with Post-Facial Breakouts.

The Truth About Getting Clear

The truth is, with severe genetic acne, you can’t clear on your own with just products. To get clear skin takes a holistic approach of coaching, treatments, and products. This client came in for treatments every 2 weeks until she graduated from our program, which meant she had clear skin and was to the point where she could be on a 4 to 6 week maintenance program for in-clinic treatments. She also continued to do her morning and nightly routine with our acne products at home. Simply put, professional treatments, effective products, and dedication to the Skin+Method is how to get clear skin. And to stay clear requires continuing to do in-clinic treatments, commitment to the morning and nightly routine with our products, and staying in contact with your Skin Coach.

Our Virtual Consultation Program

We understand that many people don’t have access to our clinic, so we have created a Virtual Consultation program. With our Virtual Consultation program one of our Skin Coaches will assess your skin through Skype or FaceTime, and learn about your diet, medication, daily habits and routines. Then, a personalized plan for your morning and nightly routine with our products will be created, as well as an At-Home Peel treatment plan specific to your needs. With this program you will have regular check-ins with your Skin Coach to assess the improvements in your skin, adjust your product routine, and determine your peel treatments. This is a great program for those who do not live locally in Austin, and want to get clear skin through this modified Skin+ Method. Book your first Virtual Consultation today to start clearing your acne, and see your own incredible results!

Carly @ Austin Skin Plus