Beauty is absolutely more than skin deep! However, the negative side effects of acne can run far deeper than skin, causing anxiety and depression. Especially in an age of social media and increased pressure to have a flawless appearance. Unsurprisingly, studies suggest that depression caused by an acne diagnosis will eventually go away once acne is treated and begins to clear. But the catch 22 is that stress, anxiety, and depression tend to only exacerbate symptoms.

Skin Health is Powerful

This means that the emotional impact of skin health is very powerful and acne treatment can recover acne sufferers’ mental health along with their skin. Yet, the reality of treating acne is that it can take months before visible progress is made. In the time spent waiting for your skin to adjust to your new regimen, there are many things that I recommend to clients to help reduce stress and anxiety. Some of these things include:

Exercising will help to de-stress

  • Exercise! Working out on a regular basis is huge for mental and physical health. It’s not only good to get your blood pumping for the health of your body and metabolism, it can serve as an outlet to de-stress.
  • Meditation and yoga are great for refocusing our thoughts to areas of positivity instead of constant self-criticism and obsession over flaws.
  • Go out with your friends and go on that date! Often times acne sufferers will become reclusive and miss fun times spent with friends and family, decline dates, and even pass up job opportunities. Don’t let acne control your life and consume your thoughts. Don’t let unfounded insecurity steal your happiness and joy.
  • Social media – avoid following people that make you feel insecure about your appearance!  Many pictures that you see of flawless skin have been airbrushed in the photo. It is impossible for anyone to look like that.

Treating skin is more than just the superficial…. it’s good for your mental state as well!  That’s why we take it so seriously at Austin Skin+. When you are with us, we do more than dole out a “one size fits all prescription”, we cater directly to your needs and are here for you every step of the way!

Live in the skin you were meant to have!

Carly @ Austin Skin+